About Jack Doodly
Jack Doodly is the world's first
un-productivity app! See how much money you're paid to sit on your bum! And while you watch all the undeserved cash roll in, make a drawing and share your artwork with friends. They'll admire your doodles and can see exactly how much you were paid to draw them! You can even submit them to the SlackerBoard to share your down-time creativity with the world. This app is perfect for boring meetings, trips to office break room, or those long stretches at your desk when you're pretending to work! And each doodle is saved to remind you how much money your boss paid you to do absolutely nothing. Now, go and waste time productively! Home

Privacy Policy
Jack Doodly does not collect any personal information from users. We allow users to annonymously submit doodles to the SlackerBoard, a public gallery of users' artwork made using the app. We screen submissions and approve only those we deem appropriate. Users retain full ownership of their work.

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